leave me to die
along with your dreams
following blindly
though you long to see

you say that you love me
alost every day
yet here i lay dying
I wither away

appearing quite happy
I'm forced to comply
if I can't break free
I am sure I will die

down in the gutter
of society
I found you and helped you
allowed you to see

deep into my eyes
you crawled into my heart
and now that you're gone
its tearing me apart

leaving a stench
of your filth and your stains
it lingers forever
your memory remains

so here I now lay
bent, broken, alive
waiting for the day
when I know I will survive

by crystal angel

Comments (2)

love sucks...........only detachment works.......good write..10+++......
... the same.... life is to live... as living is to surviving ... love sucks