AP (june 14th 1993 / mountain home air force base)


so how is it that you have the right to judge me.
cause i am so confused.
you used me. let me down.
yet you sit there telling me what i should and shouldn't do.
how i'm lettin ghim use me.
how i have no self respect.

like i don't think it every day.
every day.
when i look at myself,
do you think i don't see my pathetic self?
the me that i wish i could be is far fom here..

and because of this one person
i'm loosing everyone and everything..

laying here. bleeding. scarred.

do you not see that i was already broken?

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Your work has a depth far beyond your years. Keep up the great work...Jeff.
A reflect of inner self, your lines are filled with your hearts tears