Afar in the distance I sit admiring you,
In ways I have always done.
Only this time it’s not my presence that fuels your joy.
Your eyes sparkles, your lips widens and parts,
The pleasing wails of your laughter, your halo glows
Brightly, angelic.
My desires burn, I’m cold, I’m choking, my chest tightens,
My limbs feels lifeless, I don’t think I feel them at all.
My teeth clenched, my eyes wide shut in disbelief,
My body shudders…
My breath becomes shallow at the sight of your companion...
Gently taking your hand,
Kissing it softly putting it across their chest
As if to feel their heart beat, a beat I no longer possess.
Stroking your hair, your cheek, tracing their finger along the contour
Of your succulent lips, you gaze back into their eyes
As if needing to be devoured,
Submissively you gradually lean forward,
Diligently you pecked, parted your lips, a muffled moan escaped,
Your tongue slowly tasted their lips making its way in,
Your companion closed their eyes as you took of them
In ways you have done me
Latent I sat…

by Giselle Lakhan

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