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FA (1988- / Mexico City)


You murdered me
Killed me in cold blood
Made me fall
Left me here to die
All I ever wanted was friendship
Never meant any harm
Never expected to be left out in the cold
I asked for a second chance
Would have got down on my knees and begged
To be spared
To be forgiven
You ignored me and pushed me to the ground
Forced to be miserable
You took my joy, my fear, my heart, my life
No regret
No remorse
Now, I'm lying here
All alone, lying in pain
Lying in heartache
Now that you're gone
I'm stabbed with pain
Pierced with eternal depression
Deteriorating my heart
Disintegrating my sanity
Vanishing my mind
Condemning my soul
Trapped with guilt
Heavy burdens and regrets
It all seems never ending
All the excruciating pain you've left me with
Yet I miss you though
Your presence
Your warmth
I'm left with a severed heart
It won't heal
For it is tattered and torn
Broken and bruised
Only hoping you can feel my pain
The torn aching feeling of betrayal
Death seems to be the only way out
Only if I could give up now
I'm going to try to be strong & hold on
Pain begins to trickle down my cheeks
Love seems to be my greatest weakness
Memories flood my mind
You walked away
Turned your back on me
You took the biggest part of me with you
Left me here to die
I cry one last tear,
Whisper your name one last time,
Close my eyes and wait to die
Pain becomes unbearable
Unsure of my fate
I loved you and I missed you
I'll heal from this soon enough
I'll watch over you always
I'm going to have to let go,
Because you are not even there.
I'm going to have to quit praying,
That someday you will care.
I'm going to have to give up,
And never turn around.
Because just looking in your eyes,
I see my love you have found.
I'm going to have to tell you,
About how i feel.
I'm going to have to make you believe,
That i am for real.
I'm going to have to be smarter,
And put down my knife.
I'm going to have to toughen up.
No more cries.
I'm going to have to look around,
And see what i've caused.
I'm going to have to stop lying about it,
And just hit pause.
I'm going to have to tell you,
About what i've done.
I'm going to have to understand,
That you are not the one.
I'm going to have to wake up,
For everything that's fake.
I'm going to start loving myself,
And reject all the hate.
I'm going to have to stop trying,
To make you fall for me.
I'm going to have to comprehend,
We were never meant to be.
I'm going to have to realize,
That you never really cared.
And i'm going to finally let you go,
And stop that wishing you cared.

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this is a great poem