TE (December 27,1985 / )


Shattered and torn like a broken vase.
My heart lies in pieces never to replace.
All I long for is a hello, a smile of some
kind. All you give are cold shoulders and
goodbyes. Never thinking three words could
turn to worry, wierdness, and maybe hate.

Never meaning to despise you; never
wanting damage to come. Still I feel
cheated; after all I am the hurt one. You
say it will happen someday, you think it
will all be okay. How can it be after my
heart lies in shammbles and my trust for
you an uncertainty.

Bending to pick up the pieces, vowing to
replace what you have done, reminding
myself of times that were fun. No longer
can we go back to them, no longer will
things be the same, for I am showing respect
and taking all the blame. Your other friendship
is still intact, for he will never take sides.
Even though you broke my heart you life
the same will strive.

Broken like a record, scratched, shattered,
torn. My heart is on the mend, my trust
for others new born. Just because you
broke me, and the pieces still need to be
replaced, I will move on from this storm and
persist through the cold rain.

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