Poem By Patricia Moller

I can't stop the love i feel
i can't stop this
regardless of if it's real
i love you
but i love this more
i love the idea of being adored
i know you love me
i love you too
but i love the idea
of being without you
i feel distraught
i feel confused
i feel like i have been abused
i feel like things could change instantly
if i grew a set
and started to really be me
i am so lost
but feel so close
to the idea of feeling free
i want to never lose you
but i also don't
want to lose me
i need some time
i need to be free
i need to realize
what it means to be me
i feel like a bitch
like a slut with no heart
but i do have a heart
it beats for life
for life that's true
to what it means to be with not just you.
i am so sorry
i put you through this
you deserve a girl
whose ready for all of this
i am not her
i wish i were...
if i am it is not now
it is not right
that I've done this
but i cant continue
down this path of distrust...

Comments about Broken

This being your first poem in this forum, I cordially welcome you to this world of poetry. This is a nice poem, as if, outpouring of words straight from the heart. Liked the short note too, It says no less than the unsaid words. If you can make some time, please do read some of mine too and be kind to offer a few words as feedback.
Lovely verse, there is love in the air, but there is a problem in write this feelings in words is absolutely beautiful.
I am so sorry but I like the write, thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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