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You hurt me bad, this time I won’t forget
You tore out my heart, without any regret
I asked you why, and you told me another lie
Couldn’t even tell me, straight to my face
You keep asking me if I hate you, of this I am sure
I could never hate you, I’ll always adore
There will always be a place, in my heart where you belong
So never forget, how much you’ll always belong.

But where over now, something I never seen coming
I thought we had something going, I guess I was wrong
You’re going through things, which I think you need help with
But my advice is useless, after I tried the same thing he did
I can’t explain why, hell I wish I could
People asking me questions, looking at me like I’m insane
I tell them it’s nothing, just a little accident
I’m having trouble now, trying to cover it up
Can’t face up, to what I have done
Wish I could take it back, but the damage is done
No matter how much I regret it, it’ll never fade away
It’ll always be there, as a reminder of that day.

Realization has set in; I now know it’s true
I was in denial, but now I see it’s real
You’ll never see me, the way I see you
This is one thing that hurts, more then anything else
Knowing I gave you my all, only for it to be thrown out
You tore out my heart, ripped it to pieces
Threw it back in my face, said “Here pick up the pieces”
This was the day, when I felt all of me die
Don’t think I can go on, no matter how much I try
Miss you more then anything, as I watch you wave bye.

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