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Poem By Kayla Surber

Broken Apart..So confused..
Have i been used?
Lies and games they are all the same..
Everything that happens you will take the blame.
Every single day thoughts of suicide fill my head.
I think about it when i cant sleep and im lyin in my bed.
And i stay up all night.
I dont know how much longer i can fight.

Hold my wrist.. while i kick and scream.
Why did they have 2 be so cruel and mean?
Makin me feel so weak and all alone..
But im still afraid of their voice and that tone..
And once again i'll sit there and pray..
Wishin everything would be ok..
For all these terrible memories to just go away...
Please let me just be happy for one day.

Maybe one day ill run away..
Bc of all these things that people say..
Maybe i'll have one more kiss b4 i go..
That is when you will know.
That when you know my lifes over when I'm done.
No longer will i run..
Run away from the things they did to me.
NO! ! Thats not the way it was ment to be..
I want 2 be some ones everything the one they cant live w/out any more..
Not the girl who is always shown the door..

Give me a chance.
Save me just one more dance.
Show me things aren't always bad.
And that i wont always be sad.
Hold me close and show me love.
Let me kno im the only one you think of.
Kiss me softly.. kiss me tonight..
Please jst 4 once let everything just feel right.

My heart Skips a beat..
Every time our eyes meet.
He is the one who makes me feel like a queen.
Like im the best he has ever seen.
He loves me truely and deeply its true..
Baby i'll always love you..
Make my pain go away.
Let me trust the things you say.

Show me you are better then the guys who have hurt me.
And show me how life is really supposed to be.
Kiss me in the rain...
Baby help me forget all this pain! ! !

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i liked your poem alot..