Broken And Bleeding Out

Poem By Jeremy Willson

Do you know what it's like to live in a world that's black and white?
Do you know how it feels to have no sight?
Walking aimlessly with no eyes, only poison in your veins?
My animal instinct tells me I should run from all my worries and pains
I may not have eyes but I have a beating heart and a brain
And it's taking every fiber of my being to keep sane
Trying to stop myself from going back into the abyss
Screaming at the mirror until my ears bleed that things will be okay like this
The water comes up to my knees
But I'm bleeding out, asking God please
Help me! Don't let me drown in this sorrow
Lend me your eyes to borrow
I need a moment of clarity to understand
Find myself a foothold in which to stand
I want to live and not just be breathing
I've always been a lone wolf hunting and surviving
Licking my wounds and tucking my tail between my legs
At least I've never been a dog that begs
I did my part, tried to change into something I'm not
Giving everything that I've got
So I'm done, I'll no longer wait, I can't anymore
I'm a wolf with fangs that has already tore
Into your heart, into your soul
I hope that it will leave a deep, dark, hole
When you've left me so scared and alone
I will pray that he leaves you, so you will have known
The same pain that I have felt
The same pain that makes you kneel where I have knelt
Forgive me for speaking my mind
Or seeming so unkind
I promise my heart's still there
Still bruised and broken somewhere
Inside this poorly drawn up boy
Who was nothing more to you than just a toy

Comments about Broken And Bleeding Out

A very sad poem but I hope that when you wrote all those intense lines of poetry it gave you some comfort or some release that you are seeking.... Questioned why? It felt so sad My mind got stuck It drove me mad My hurt my loss I couldn't see Reached out in hope Then let it be

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