Broken And Bruised

His face is bruised and beat,
Her heart is torn and weak.

She can't look at her own reflection
She's saying how she got a messed up complexion

But the boy that loves her,
see's a beautiful angel.

But the girl can't see
What the boy goes through
when he's fleeing blue,

He drowns his mind with alcohol
While she smokes a bag of weed
To let her mind be freed
To escape this reality
While he faces the brutality
of his a_ _ getting beat
getting jumped in the streets
Gotta gun to his head
he doesn't know what's ahead.
All he can think about is that pretty little girl
that makes his whole world twirl
Reminisce those adorable lips
Imagine the way she kiss,
His head is filled with total bliss...

by Jay Akarim

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