Broken Britain

Poem By chris dawson

Drongo’s up at Court again

With Nesbit, Scum and Slag

Chav was only watching when

They snatched that lady’s bag

Doley, Ponce and Badback Khan

All denying the offence

Are sat along the car park wall

To witness for defence

Apparently all 8 got hurt

Have made an allegation

To counter claim against old Maud

And sue for compensation

The Clerk has got a heap of files

And statements to attest

That decent British justice will

Be sure to do its best

But not today, the case adjourned

Held up by fifteen waiters

Appearing for a credit fraud

Requiring ten translators

So Maudy’s had a wasted day

And claims the bus fair home

Through inner city no-mans-land

Where all these ferals roam

Back past boarded, broken shops

The spot where she was robbed

She only made a few small steps

And just broke down and sobbed

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