AL (november 7,1957 / dapitan city)

Broken..... But Not Tearing Apart

many times in my life..... i've been broken
yet! i persist and stand strong picking up
those scattered broken parts, wishing to hold it
back in my hands

I have to be strong..... though at time i knew
iam weak to hold on, where i always i've stand
making the best stronghold to defend, of what
has been broken

my quest leads me..... to pursue what is beyond
the miles i step, for i know iam broken, deeping
and soaking my tears in your memories,
bubbling like a fountain of tears in the valley of
no return

my heart callous me to close every moment i
stumble, awakening my soul pushing me to be
strong and hold me to cool myself.... where i may
loose everything i cherish

be strong dear life..... life has to go on.....its not
anything else that lose your whole being, nor your
tears leads you to your grave..... your broken
heart is not all the way long to tear you apart

.....but it is just a beginning that you are strong...
to be broken again

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a broken mind trying to hold on to the will for leading life...expressions good...'tears in the valley of no return' is a beautiful poem phrsae...impressive write 10
Ahhh, you've not broken, just disturbed and cracked lol. great poem, read some of mine u might like them!