LJ (31/08/90 / Melbourne, VIC)

Broken Doll

Ferocious tornado, vicious cycle
Anonymous game for a frigid icicle
My life spins before me, out of my control
And I lie on the floor, helpless like a broken doll
Never sleep, never smile
I think my heart will break in a little while
Do they pretend they don't care?
Or are they really unaware?
I can't breathe, my chest tightens
I don't know when this burden will lighten
Can't say a word, can't make a sound
Can't even shed one tear on the ground
I'm held captive by myself, the fear is so intense
I don't know how to get beyond this fence
A broken doll, lying helpless and alone
Can't move, can't speak, might break a bone
Nothing is good enough, nothing is sane
When you live in a world that is held by pain
Perfection is the ideal, but is it even there?
Will I grasp hold or will it float into the air?
I can't think straight, I want to sleep
Maybe one day this broken doll will weep
But right now such luxury is not mine to take
I have to suck it up, hold it in, and try to stay awake
Broken heart, broken mind
Broken body, broken inside
I'm just a broken doll on a broken bed
Waiting for nightfall so I can be dead

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