Broken Doll

the broken doll
sit alone in the dark
no one to care no one to hold her
the days to long
the misery to strong
i have cried all my tears
there is nothing left
its all over the time has come
i must move on
it time to start over
time to grow
the pain will come and go
the bitterness
the anger
what is to be done
nothing its a sickness with no cure
i am fake i am afraid
i lost dreams i never had
its killing me
but with the pain
i grow stronger
no one can hurt me now
or so i though
the heart will heal
it falls again
what will i do now
i pray its different
but its not
i see it coming again
the lies the no goodbyes
let the pain pass
the sorrow has come
it will soon be over
this feeling will pass
the emptiness will come
the feelings will fade
or alone and sad now
nothing to feel
so nothing to hurt
will i ever heal
will everything go away
can i forget everything
so i dont see what i have done
day after day
to see their faces
full of hate
causing me so much pain
make it go away
save me from so much
you make the monsters go away
the nightmares have stop
you make me feel safe
is that so much to ask for
to make it all go away
you said you love me once
then save me
make it all fade away
it all came back
am not strong enough
to hold it back this time
but with your help maybe
i will heal
and start over
with you by my side

by Courtney Caine

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