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Broken Dream

Broken Dream

No more of your stupid lies
Enough of my midnight cries
A dream has finally ended
Put to its rest and eventually faded
I keep on going still
Though its a tremendous pain i really feel
Slowly my defenses keep on coming down
I can't breathe, I am drowned
With these emotions that is embracing me
And the fake beauty that is surrounding me
I dont know where i am standing
I have no idea why i am here
Fate never lead me to where I want to go
Destiny even not agree to do so
Im back again where i started
Alone and feeling unwanted
I'll get by, I'll be fine
I only need a few more time
Slowly I would learn to let it go
But I will never let you show
Its done and its finish, no one can fill this emptiness
I'll let it be, we both need our rest

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