Broken Dreams And Deep Regrets

I walk into a pitch black heaven,
My life flashed back to when I was eleven,
I’d walk around with a gun,
For when the time will have to come,
I mark a name on that shell,
Rings in my ear like a screaming bell

I’d turn to the wall and crash my fist,
As I made my arrangements for my death list,
My name in perfect plain sight,
Time to see that bright light

I wake up to find it’s all a dream,
But I go back and hear a scream,
My body pauses and falls to the floor,
I see the bullet stuck in the door,
I start to feel no control,
As god is trying to take my soul

I look up and pull out my gun,
I repeat the words whats done is done,
I start to shake dieing fast,
What made it painful was my past,
No time to fix or to mend,
All those letters I forgot to send.

Forgive me friends, it wernt ment to be,
im just not all here now you can see,
I’ll move on and fade into the dark,
Same with the bullet stuck in the bark...

by Kim Bradley

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kimmy! ! ! ! heyyy! it's becca. u write some deep stuff, i'm impressed muah x