Broken Eyes

Poem By Larry Jaffe

My eyes are broken
they tire from
bashing of principles

They wanted to see
what they should
not see
and broke
irrevocably sad

The fire that
once fed my belly
has gone out
replaced by
damp spirits

Now the kindred
fly lame
without wonder
transmitting disdain

I wanted to envision
peace and found war
my eyes cried
until even
the tears dried

I have learned
to confront the world
with my stupidity
and nakedness
this was my legacy

I was a fallen angel
without a god
to inspire me

I turned myself
inside out
removing the skin
from the soul

And without effort
I now see
without eyes
touch without fingers
and laugh
and laugh

I am no longer
a body
and soar like
an eagle
sans wings

I am a free spirit
engaged in the
most gentle
of intercourses
the world is my wonder

We will heal the disease
end the mayhem of war
calm the troubled
and bring joy to the sad
this is our legacy

© 2009 lgjaffe

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