Broken Feet Footprints

my first step was a stumble down
back to where I’d come from, the
ground was the only place for me
it held the nothingness, now

I walk soft on boardwalks, tip
toe slats, light cracks ground
sinks the night with moon beam
song, sings lullabyes in darkness

it’s the roads I’ve walked, the gravel
country, dirt paths, tree lined with
old picture frames, faces smile,
a grimace with crinkled toes

mother said pick one road
father said try many
I’ve picked this one

tonight there is no one, not her
not I, not a face that smiles, cries,
laughs to be held, there is steps and
steps falling into steps of past feet

broken feet walking broken ground

by Ben Paynter

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I'm wondering what would happen if you took the line 'broken feet walking broken ground' and remade this idea into a non rhyming but line repeating villanelle? Sure would be fun to try.. Val