CY (3/10/93 / Round Rock Texas)

Broken Girl

The girl strides desperately and painfully
through the wide open desolate
escarpment of pain and hate she
strives to be rid of, and which seems
so much to her to feed off of her anger
and fear and to thrive off of her hate.

She shakes her head in disgust
as it beckons for her to give in
but she fights and tells herself that
the hate in her broken self is not
all that is left of her.

Her mind has become Distraught
with these things she feels but she reply’s
with an inhuman strength of will to
obliterate the wall that stands before her.
And as she strives to cross this
impassible and immovable place that feeds off
what she hates and throws it back at
her to feed again she thinks of him.

The one thing that had ever kept her from
losing her grip on all that was real
and that which was not is something
that she couldn’t even be sure was real,
it was him. That one person that was
always there, but he was not.

He seemed to always be watching
and refusing her that of which she desired
but yet wishing he could give her what
she most passionately needed to even begin
to believe in happiness in this damn dark
place that she painfully stride’s across that
seems so much to feed off of her fear and thrive off her hate.

Clayton J. young

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really like this poem Clayton...reminds me of a dark part of my past...
Your choice in word clayton. love the vocabulary. 'escarpment' i wouldn't have even known that word excisted
Wow Very Compelling. ~Autumn~