Broken Girl

We were in love, for such a long time.
The years that passed, meant nothing to us.
I loved him, and he loved me.
Eternity couldn't take us apart..
One day,
I the mirror..
I regretted what I saw.
I rose my hand,
Made a fist,
Made the ugly girl dissapear.
Slowly dripped from my hand at first
Then picking up spead.
Tiny peices of the girl, lay shattered on the floor.
Tiny peices of me...
She cannot help but cry.
Crimson tears, that fell..from her body and soul.
She cries out, wishing to be fixed...and the boy is all alone.
She was so selfish, and now he has noone..
And she cries..
The same as he.
They both lie broken....
In a feild of sorrow, where hearts are bayonetted and planted in the ground, and tears become the sky.
Broken dreams, soil the Earth
And Death, potrays the sun.
In the end, Nothing matters.

by Adia Blaze

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God can fix broken people. They matter deeply