Broken Girl

Poem By What Iff

I lie alone on the floor,
no point in living anymore.
NO one listens,
NO one cares. They
just feed me empty stares.

black figures argue and
shout, They
pressure me and push me out. Out
of mind, Out
of body, Out
of soul, Till I'm nobody

say something you really mean,
when they look at me, I'm not seen.
never seem to catch the air, Why
listen when I'm not there.

I'm broken
and torn.
Just like a thorn, I'm missing
my rose,
My body.
i need to be loved by

Comments about Broken Girl

Powerfull poem, well done!
haaaaaaaaa WoOoW , , , , VERY NICE POEM, , , keep writting ur friend 5adija
I feel like we really connect. Wow, this is me. I can feel your pain if it's about you. I always write about past experiences with the exception of a few, but great job. This is really good.
I have too say DITTO to the other comments....and add your not alone here We've all been there before....just at varrying degrees or stages at times in our lives.....but I can sure relate to this one right now....the pain and sadness...alI I can say is keep writing a get it out....It help work through the emotions... peace free
Adding to what Carrie said, this proves how alike and different we all are. We all feel the same feelings, but we react to them in different ways. Great job.

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