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Broken Glass

Soo..I'm not all the way done with this, but I haven't posted a poem in here for ages. I started writing this on Father's day which is really ironic. (yes it takes me that long to get this far) Just remember I'm still working on it. Also..Dad..if you happen to be reading this don't cry okay..if your gonna cry why don't you just talk to me how hard is it? How? ?

Broken Glass By: Amanda Walley

Where are all the memories of you from the past?

Remembering you is like shattered peaces of glass.

You were never there I was always put last.

Really Dad it wasn't such a hard task.

You say you felt you didn't have the right.

I needed you there to chase my nightmeres away at night.

I waited for you to come back into my life

But, you never came nowhere in sight.

Funny isn't it you say you went threw this too.

So why did you put me threw it if what you say is true.

It's not much all I want is you.

But, since you don't care I don't need a Dad like you.

If you didn't want me all you had to do was say.

But, nope all ol' Dad is up to is another lay.

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Sad to note that there are some dads who can not stand as real father to their children! Worth the cry, a 10.