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Broken Glass

My life is twisted into Confusion,
Not knowing where to go.
Hiding the sadness from people who care.
Letting the thoughts burn through my body
Draining the happiness from me
Why walk down the pass of happiness
When I can walk the pass of Broken Glass
I can taste the blood of my happiness
As I peel away the flesh from my body
Letting the sadness run through my blood
Giving up whats rightfully mine
The sanity that I used to have

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Now that is a silly question Kandy, whilst this is an interesting write, happiness has no sharp shards, everything that stings is given a rounded edge, blunted by happiness, generally brought about by love, either by another or of oneself, which the harder to achieve but most likely to succeed. My advice is to keep writing whatever is blocking you out. And use a spell checker! Smiling at you, wishing you love, Tai