Broken Glass

I’m a broken down glass, I’m always shattering.
I’m found everywhere; no wonder people are trying to put me together.
I’ve lied to myself; I can no longer live the truth.
I’ve torn myself but I’m not pieces of two.
I’ve cried my tears. My face is dry!
I’m like a sponge, I soak it all up,
like a picture frame that breaks because my image is vanished
Who am I to say? I am loved.
Who am I to be? But dealt none.
Who am i to suffer? When happiness hasn’t sprung.
Can I walk on this ground without a frown?
Or can I grin without ever falling off my edge?
You see me; like I see no one else.
Have I died inside? because my heart still beats.
Have I walked across this line? because I’m not going straight.
Have I covered my face? because this foundation is spreading off.
Am I the truth or am I just the lie? because I no longer know if I can 'sigh'.
I’m stuck on both sides; help me feel alive.

by Lucy Webb

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