Broken Heart

I've heard it mentioned many times
'a broken heart'.
Ah I thought, a sentimental time
a time of wishing that someone dear
was not so very far from here.
But no!
How ignorant of me;
now I feel it inside,
shattered, broken, bleeding, bruised,
and not by one event
not the missing of a loved one
who had been heaven sent.

No this is a broken heart
caused by realisation of suffering;
by suffering the realisation
that there is so much pain,
and fear;
and it breaks hearts.
And how does that feel?
Like the crimson life force seeps away
into a gutter of deep despair.

Give me a bandage of hope
and a tourniquet of courage
and a surgeon of faith,
that the flow may be stemmed.
Let peace and tranquillity
flow unhindered throughout all
so that mans' heart may heal,
because it is broken;
I know.
The only cure found in complete rest.

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

The seer's heart is always breaking at the despair of the world, and put into words such as these it is almost unendurable. The sadest of conditions however can bring out in some such resilience, - we can look upon that and hope. See what you get from one I posted called The Climb., I will value your opinion.. Fondly from Fay.
David, do read my'Preventing A Broken Heart'. Your poem is great! -Raj Nandy 22Apr 08