Shakespeare And Friendship

Shakespeare might be high and great
But he doesn’t know how to create
A real friendship between two girls
And treasure it like real pearls

He might be smart and all
But he even doesn’t know how to call
If that person is a true friend
He doesn’t know when to end

He may be kind and polite
He doesn’t know how to find if you’re in sight
He just knows about complicated things
But he doesn’t know that people can fly in wings

I am not insulting Shakespeare if that’s what you think
I am not a mean girl, try to take a blink
I am only trying to make a poem of friendship
And he’s only at the very tip.

by Ikish Kobe Heart

Comments (7)

O yes, relationships can leave you that way. Good read my friend. Please check our my poem 'One Again' Blessings, Loyd
I definately know that your love for that person just fades away... Nice poem... **Tyease**
a very good poem and i know the feeling, write on
Chris your a very good poet, lovely poem
wow u have a real talent for writting poems. good job. keep going Chris.
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