Broken Heart Love

Shards of glass lie upon the broken heart floor
Shattered and battered, light fades from heavens door
Piece by piece is the damage done to her desolate soul
Cutting into her heart, slicing and dying as memories whither

Pick up the pieces, the restoration of her peace
Blades cut through my finger tips, her emotions deceased
Give surgery to my love, fight through the torture
I am the surgeon whom will save you from shattered rapture

Flat lining personality dead to all worldly surroundings
Embraced in her own hell, the bloody shards killed her happiness
Midnight dreams of a looping past
Replays all the images of before, each painful memory that last

I will continue to fight, to restore all of the pieces
The surgeon of love will continue until the midnight dream ceases
Shattered you are now, as my finger tips drip crimson red blood
A silhouette of an angel, allow me to resurrect the broken heart love

by Nyrical Poet

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WOW that was just an awsome poem.. i give it really big ten....~hazel