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I Wish You Knew
NP Nyrical Poet (08/17/1979 / )

I Wish You Knew

I wish you knew the pain i feel,
but you would not last.
I wish you can be in my shoes,
but you wont be able to walk.
I wish you could read my mind,
but you would not stand it.
I wish you can see what I've seen,
you would wish you were blind.
I wish you can feel what I've felt,
you would wish you would've never taken this challenge.
I wish you could fake smiles like I've done,
but you would not last an hour.
I wish you knew how weak i really am,
but you would be ashamed.
I wish you knew how i feel,
you will be devastated.
I wish i can forget everything and remember how happy i was before.
I wish you knew the pain i feel everyday,
but i wont put anyone through any of this pain because nobody would be able to withheld any of the pain.
The pain that nearly killed me.

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WOW that was just an awsome poem.. i give it really big ten....~hazel