Broken Heart On Broken Road

im standing in the shadows of the night
with nothing on my mind
hoping to survive
with the broken road on my side
looking into the broken road
and she sees the broken heart
the big girl that got stolen
the little girl in her
that she can never take back
because it got taking away
all she want is to get away from the broken road
the broken road is like looking at
a broken mirror and thats what a
broken heart looks like
but what it feels like
is a whole nother story
the pain you cant take
the sorrow that seem to never end
your mind is spinning with no words to think
your mouth is closed cause you dont wanna tell
that all you feel is endless pain
thats what her broken heart feels like
endless pain, with no words to say than these words shes saying right now.

by Precious Mason

Comments (2)

Hi Precious - This is a nicely structured Poem in Free Verse. But it is so so sad and emotional all about BROKEN things. Danish Ladies are always very beautiful so why so sad? A Broken Road - means we can't travel that way any more and the reason is the Broken Heart (line 6) . We all try to grow up - maybe too fast - and I know when I was teenager I acted the BIG BOY and when I got hurt I tried to go back to the LITTLE BOY and he was no longer there (lines 9 & 10) . When we lose our innocence it is a point of no return. Line 13 (unlucky for some?) you introduce the Broken Mirror - symbollic of shattered dreams and shattered illusions - it relects a Broken Image of a Broken Heart. This is a powerful metaphor. Line 15 you move from the VISUAL to the EMOTIONAL - what it really feels like to have your heart broken. We (who are slightly older than you!) have all been there Precious - more than once. Endless Sorrow - Spinning Mind - Closed Mouth - Too painful to discuss - Endless Pain. Writing about it does give some release - that is what all poetry is in essence - Emotional release through the POEM. We all love you precious and through this poem you share the angst with us and by reading and commenting we absorb some of it. That is how PH works - thanks for sharing you have my Prayers and my Support. Love in Poetry - JOHN.