Broken Heart Worth Re 1

Poem By ijlal haider

who the hell buy,
second hand

bloody bumping heart,
hard to repair,
in the city of unfair

lost in loss
risk of bear cost.
heck, who will buy,
broken heart worth Re one,

yes, it pumps
but sometime stops
it smiles,

but to see someone smiling
it shivers,
in timeless season
it cries,

but without reason...
values reduce half of
second one.
further down of
broken one.

it seem
everything goes to one
million dollar heart
worth Re one

Comments about Broken Heart Worth Re 1

Love like life is a two-way street. Nothing is that easy but effort and sacrifice, anything can be achieved! Sacrifice is the very key of success! This is a well penned and poignant write! It clearly shows your potential in the Poetry World! Thank you for sharing! 10+++ Keep it up! God Bless You! (If you have time, please, read my poems titled: A Broken Heart and A Poem of Hope! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City...
value yourself then only others will value you and and your feelings.
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