(06091994 / Finland)

Broken Hearted

I can feel the magic floating in the air, I can see the
sunlight dancing over my hair

, I have never felt this way, And i can remember exactly what you used to say

'I've never loved no one more than you' Hah, if thats true, why did you cheat on me, with you know who.

' You mean more to me than all the starts it the world' And i would stand there without saying a word. I would kiss you'r sweet lips, as the sun would lift....

I Would say i love you, and hug you too, But now as i sit here all alone, you party at what used to be our home, with some other girl in your arms.

For me, my love for you - just harms,

I lift up my hand, grab a pencil and write, I love you, tears drop, while wiping away the text, 'i love you'.

Gone in a blink of an eye, I realize that you'r love to me is forever gone..

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: '( Full of emotion. I just hope its not based on a true story.: '(
nice ink.full of emotion and love.liked it.