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Broken Hearted
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Broken Hearted

Poem By Vanessa Brown

Sitting here alone, my heart bursting free,
As i wait for the phone to ring:
To give me the sign that i implore,
To show that you really care.

Suddenly, the phone rings in the silence,
Sending shivers up my spine.
'We need to talk' i hear you say,
The dreaded words i hate.

'It's not you, its me! ' you say:
If that were true,
Why is it always me sitting here,
Waiting for your call?

I don't cry for you, i cry for loss:
Same old, same old:
My heart is torn into shreds,
Nearly every day.

I cry for the past, i cry for you,
I cry when my friends cry;
I cry for death, i cry for life,
I cry with love:

Love of the lost.

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