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Broken Hearted Dreamers / Dream On My Friend

Broken Hearted Dreamers / Dream On My Friend

Poem By Atsiylah Atty Garfinkel

You can search up on the mountains,
you can search the sea or valleys low.
You can search way high up in the sky's
or on the path the north wind blows.
It doesn't matter if you look
a hundred years, short or long,
you never can relive the life
whispered in memory and song.
You can look until your life
and all your breath is gone.
You can yearn for a dream,
and for a love that's strong.
Remembering a lost life,
and how it used to be,
but broken hearted dreamers
our loves live only in memory.
But dream on my friends,
for in that dream, love has no end.
So laugh hard at life,
laugh at time and at the wind,
Folks may think us crazy,
but we know love my friends.
It wouldn't matter how long we cried
for what still lays in store.
I'll be a dreamer until I die,
And even then, maybe more.
I'll dream on my friends,
dreaming of a place
where love has no end...

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