Ganjeri (A Marijuana Smoker)

Ganjeri, I often see you smoking ganja,
Going after, searching for
Your odd friends
In the haunted house
Or at a lonely place,
Into the bushes,
You taking ganja
And relaxing.

The ganjaman comes he with ganja
Into his pocket
Or a small carrier
And you purchasing a bit,
Smoking with your odd friends,
Taking the name of Vyom Bhole strangely
And smoking in,
The ganja on the embers
And you smoking from the earthenware pipe
To be an addict, a half-abnormal,
Oblivious of it,
His family and home.

by Bijay Kant Dubey

Comments (3)

all too true my dear...i know all to well the story in which you write! !
Again, I read this a couple of times but I could discern no clear meaning. Therefore, I had to give it another 6. Disappointing, I wanted to understand it but I was not able to. GW62
Yes, some men think they are too young to love Lol... some are too busy to love and to be loved... but how much heartbreaking it can be, one just can't stop loving...