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Broken Hearts Eventually Mend
ES (February 4,1990 / Mt. Airy, NC)

Broken Hearts Eventually Mend

I'm so sick of love
And the pain it has caused.
I'm drowning in tears;
Will it ever stop?

You are my sanctuary;
With you I am free.
You cause feelings of joy
And still bring misery.

My emotions swirl,
Creating a haze.
One minute is clear;
The next leaves me dazed.

My heart has been shattered;
You left no repair.
I'm drowning in hatred;
Can't fight this despair.

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Comments (2)

You get your balance back eventually, just in time to be blown over again. Written from the heart. Good form and rhythm, and spare use of language. Quality writing.
Keep fighting! ! ! Life and love are one of the same; at least for us chosen few anyway. Take care.