Broken Hearts That Can'T Love Again

Poem By Stephanie Rigot

Love is an emotion that has caused me nothing but pain and misery
For my heart has been hurt by this emotion many times before
People say my heart will be whole again
when I truly find that someone special that will love me,
but I don't believe what they say for I can't love.

Before I had already gotten my heart broken,
but he added more damage to my shattered heart.
My best friend in whole wide world died the day after my birthday,
he just did more damage to my broken heart.
Love is an emotion that I don't have any more
For it is my hatred now.

I swore on the death of my beloved friend
that I would never fall in love again,
unless someone could break the barrier around my heart.

Thy heart shall remain broken till you learn to love
My heart is black as night
No one is going to love a cold sly snake like me

I shall never love again for my heart is locked away like a prisoner in jail
Broken hearts can be mended,
but mine shall never get the chance
For I will never love and trust anyone again

Love has hurt my heart emotionally and physically
My heart has been shattered into tiny pieces
For I am nothing less,
than a girl with a broken heart who can't love again.

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