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Broken Home

It was fun in the beginning when you came to play
As from another persons heart you slowly did stray
You had yourself a spouse but you didn’t care
As you thought to yourself that we where a better pair.
You snuck out of your house whenever that you could
Forgetting about your family as you thought you should
You became the Christmas tree inside my home
Glittery shiny and new I was excited and not alone.
Now the fun and excitement is gone and now the guilt is here
Joking and laughing has been replaced with sadness and a tear
In the beginning I told you stories which were only but a lie
But I did all that I could as I wanted you at my side.
You are now with me every minute of every single day
Every night my guilt to GOD on my knees I must pray
How I wished that I wasn’t the one to break up a marriage
I was weak but you were weaker to a love you should of cherished.
But now your like the Christmas tree up all year round
You clash with the furniture so now I wear a frown
I don’t trust you, you don’t trust me as we’ve done this before
I wish I could take the Christmas tree out of my door.

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