(13 May 1977 / Swabi)

Broken Ideas

Summer passed my pen is stopped
More sleep and fatigue
No thinking at all
No flow in the head or veins
A dirty mind with broken ideas
Sleepless nights and heavy days
Have lost my brain with torture
Upon the ugly face of the world
That world which is full of terror
Horrors and threats of attacks
Power hungry humans search for hunting
Dragons came alive in open days
Upon the head they circles
Searching for any ugly child
Having no cloths and barefooted
That will be a future terrorist
Because he can stand before states
The guns can be afraid of him
A natural struggle make him strong
A brutal environment make him stiff
Secret people came to his surrounding
Put him in a few dollars dream
A bright future and zeal to live
Mixing religious thoughts with it
An innocent soul ignorant of deceit
Make a wrong turn a selfish move
Bring his destruction by his own selfishness
The news shows a blown out person
Unaware of being deceived by a remote device
The money goes back to the masters
No one to claim it remains
A trick so wisely invented
My pen stops and mind unhealthy
Humanity is slaughtered down
I can not write any more
I pray for love every where
On the mountains, fields and roads
May the people know each other
With grace and respect
Without any prejudice

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A great poem, like it, a great write. may i invite you to read my new poem called, I Fear.