PW (27/04/1990 / Birmingham)

Broken Images, Distorted Views

Every mirror tells a tale,
My mirror is a memory I do not wish to tell

Eery reflection has a story yet to be told,
They say the mirror never lies, but that's all my mirror ever sold

Look Into the reflective piece of glass, that mirror, pool or lake,
Gaze into the lie and realise that it's fake

Oh you look so classy in the mirror, but take a look inside,
Your body spins a different song, there's things your eyes can not hide,

Now I use a different mirror, one that doesn't lie,
Mirror Mirror in the sky, look down in judgement from up high

Give me the facts, tell me the truth,
Strip away the layers of lies, right back to my youth,

The image I see in the mirror is not good enough, it just won't do,
The person starring back is perfect, but I'm just not you.

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Comments (4)

loving it. every line. good job. i'm feeling this one. *click* in the favorites! \\Gabriella//
You've written another deep and beautiful poem, Phil *heart flutters*. It's my favourite so far- it shows that it's inside that counts instead of the sham on the outside! Keep up the good work! Luv ya, :) xXx
wow thats really really good! ! I LOVE IT! ! *Nicole* &hearts