Reality Is Such Brutality

Reality is something that we try to face
Even on an army base

Reality is the Truth...
Something that we learn during our youth
The ' TODAY' the 'Present'
That dreadful thing called ‘Reality’ with such brutality

But I just can't face it like the slave ant he just can't make it

So Why Can't I live this lie anymore
I don't want to cry no more?

Why can't I just think my Mom is still here?
At home right now why?
Because when I blink and I see that reality is setting in it will go

And blow up at a fast pace
Like a Slap to the face!

I wish!
I wish, I could live in that world called ' The Twilight Zone'
And live that unknown...Reality...Huh well that's Blown

And I wish every time I answer the phone it’s my mommy telling my she’s Coming home

by Ciara Gough

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