Broken Light Spin

The tempest land its brutal anger
On the face of thinner squall, a gentle fair
Up above the sky, a revolting air;
Bringing down a wrath of nature
Sprawling like frenzied trees down shore.

Cumber sludge hit a plain spindle ray
The melody was a heated whistle of air strike,
Swing was a lullaby, a bird’s song cry;
And carried over a rain, flooding streets alike
Only one wishes faring by a loathsome tremor hike.

What a lovely view a light string draw
Home is heaven, and the land withstood a straw;
It cracks a slit where earthworms swell
Left alone scrolling by its mouth’s spin
Sparse was the meaning at eventide’s spell.

Now the lofty swing hit a flinching loop
Where ignorance is a tool, a pen is abhorred;
But the only hope of ignorance is rotten supplication,
Bear neither string nor a stronghold attained
Bad is good, and good is a malediction.

by Gil Gregorio

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