SZ (19/02/1990 / )

Broken Love

cant cope with this feeling
of emptiness and being alone
did you have to leave me
without saying goodbye

just a letter of apologies
not a note to explain why
read it over and over
it still makes me cry
feeling numb and empty
just wana die
like deep inside

i've seen you
in my dreams
why did you leave like that
you know that
you need me
why wont you come back here

close your eyes
reach out
and touch me
im standing right here cant you see me
im shouting so loud, why cant you hear me

am i invisible to you
my voice just passes right though you
cant you please give me a sign
to explain your reasons why
im still waitin for you to come home
still lookin at MY DOOR

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Comments (2)

Wow...this took my breath away its AMAZING! keep writing and dont let anyone bring you down cause your really good at it
10/10 keep up the good work pal