W (11/7/87 / My Depressed Heart)

Bee Venom

Colony of wonder
with seventy soldiers
and thirty workers
surrounding a great Queen.
Wonderful colony
of most ideal brotherhood
where one clings to another
swarming, flocking together in to globe
getting airborne in a single regiment.
What defeats the world
has its secret stashed in thee-
thy venom does terminate the pulse of AIDS

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Wow...........this is very intense Wrath. Great write. Sincerely, mary by the way....you were born the day before my 17th birthday! (I just found that interesting) :) Take care
You have a way with words, that makes it seem that no matter how much someone has hurt you. You'll be okay. Well at least thats what i get from your poems. Another great write. Keep it up! *Brandi*