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Broken Promise

Broken Promise

Alone, i waited for you to come
Hoping that I would meet you
I tried to think of the best
things to talk to..
New dreams, plans and friends
that you have met..
Not that exciting, but i know
it will be okay..
Hours gone by, still there's not even
a sign of you.. I never lose my hope,
I thought ur just too tired
from work and that you needed
a lot of rest..
But at the back of my mind,
im only fooling myself..
because i know,
that you dont have any plans of coming
because i know,
that you never realized that i would wait
because i know,
that i am not important to you
and that you never even cared..
But inspite of that...
I could not find any reasons to hate you,
I wanted to, but i dont know how
and i even dont know why i cant get mad..
Yes, i am stupid, but who cares..
when there's no one who really know me,
nobody who really cares..
Scared, of being alone, yeah i maybe..
Ok as i may look like, but my soul
has fallen apart a long time ago..
I guess, just a very wild guess
that the reason why i cant get mad
and that i cant even shed a single tear,
is because i fully accepted the fact
that even before, years ago, things
will never be the same anymore..
We've been through so many changes,
felt a lot of emotions that may weaken us,
but we're not beside each other anymore
to lift up the spirit of the other one..
We have drifted apart, even before,
no words or whatsoever,
no reasons and explanations,
But believe it or not;
My faith in our FRIENDSHIP,
is never changing
'Because God will never give someone
just to take it away, without
even leaving a space on that
persons heart'
you maybe far away now,
and maybe forever,
and on the next lifetimes
to come..
but what you have given me,
although some of it remains
as a painful memory,
will be a very strong proof
that once in my broken life,
i found a person, who treated
me well, and took care of me..
I know you did, and i never
questioned that.. not even once..
And everytime, i would remember
every single kindness from you,
i know, it will never fail
to put a smile on my face..

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Roald Dahl


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