Broken Promises Can Be Destructive

Don't worry
I promise I will do it
but sadly they don't
and you go into a fit

You promised me
and yet you didn't!
and then they say
You know I always forget

what's your story this time
did a car run over your cat
no, the cat is fine
don't be such a prat

how dare you
how dare i? ! ? ! ? !
go away won't you?

No you promised
and yet you failed to comply
and apparentally you forget
or your head was in the sky

I can't trust you can I
we'll I guess you will never
so what are we going to?
we aren't going to be friends forever

are you saying that
you don't want to be my friend
no I don't
no longer to the very end

fine! I don't need you
you can fend for yourself
jeez you are so mean
you little elf!

Fine I wish to never see you again
not as long as i am alive
fine then i will give you back your stuff
but just remeber I tried

Broken promises are bad
pretty bad as you can see
and this is what happenned
to a friend and me

Don't let this happen
it hurts like hell
and your heart is empty
like am empty shell

If I could take back that day
I would in a second
and I bet she would
in a millisecond

Broken promises are like broken dreams
nothing to get upset about
you can be sad for a while
but don't ever doubt

This is the story
that is about promises not being kept
so try to fulfill promises
or you will start to regret

by shelbie bozeman

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