Broken Ranks

Things I do to elute a conscience
Wreak intimal senses to be frank.
Not that feign-trained insouciance
Nor the surrogate emotion bark,
Not elective, inevitable - perforce
To conjure long buried unsavoury
Truths I can't pause even if I chose,
Ain't obliged yet feels like a votary
Out on some elysian mandate
Yeah, to carry the can, feels Karmic
Upon the usurpers. Unlock gate
Into a hostile aura, that's vatic -
The select few ordered and barked
'Neath the corp veil some disappeared
Others lost to power-enamoured
Execs who publicly denied and lied
Delays and threats vaticinate guilt
Secret deeds leave many aggrieved
Thus risk all to reveal the evil quilt
Of grabby cabal to others' reprieve.
Only a felo-de-se gaze will dare devil
To a challenge, the meek'll say.
Extol as intrepid for pulling a score
But forget, and from truth stray.

by Mavinda Cyril

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Amazingly penned poem is shared to have a vision in conscience.10