Broken Silence

Your silent response echoes vibrantly in my mind... knowing
even words I may not want to hear, you cannot find.
If the sounds could form from the beating of your heart
then your reply would certainly need no help to start.
The silence will continue to pass while all is not forgiven,
covering the trail where the discarded are finally driven.
Fearing truth and words unknown
prevents love's beauty from being shown.
Unplayed music, silent songs, and soundless views
can only be tools that a demon would consciously use.
I pray one day your heart will feel the sounds
and you will want to share this gift you've found.
You will then have been acquainted with someone
for whom you care, recognizing their importance as the
same as yours, ... now willing to share.
The silence will be broken, the music heard,
the sounds in your heart felt,
whether off key or melodious, a caring response
will then be dealt.

by JoAnne N.Gurda

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