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Broken Strings Of Broken Thought

On the hollow of this chair
I sit myself down
Unable to control the flow and tide
Of the foolishness that must reside
In the hollow of my head

Looking at books aimlessly
I do not care for my calling
Looking at life endlessly
I do not care for my falling

Pierce me so that i bleed
To flush this toxic away
Pierce my life away
So that i can finally open my eyes

Brilliance doesn't inspire me
Ingenuity depresses me
Stupidity bothers me
Mediocrity murders me

Threads of mystery
Settling themselves down
The unanswered questions
Hide behind my frown

Headache permanent and nagging
Seductive sleep's calling
No will to face the next day
No means to have your say

These broken thoughts
Of a broken man
Forgive me
For i have lost the will

by Prodipto Roy

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I read this poem in 2005 when I fell in love with him. Its 2018 and now I know who actually wrote this. lol. Still in love and beyond.