Broken Thoughts

Now I'm back in that whirlpool of emptiness,
Where darkness seems to be the only light there is.
Turning, swirling, like a labyrinth of madness,
Sad though that I'm broken from oneness.

Crazy I'm told for my twisted thoughts,
Is it wrong then to simply seek the truth?
I'm in love but my mind's a-circling,
My heart's beating fast yet numb with longing.

In my eyes loneliness is but the only reflection,
Its depths a pool of solitary rejection.
Desires I hold dear now a mere craving,
Lustful images so vivid yet waning.

Broken thoughts are all I have now,
Helplessly holding onto it like a vow.
Hoping so much that the ropes will untie,
If only to taste how sweet it is to die.

(July 18,2007 In my bedroom)

by May Reyes

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thats really good, keep up the ace writing mikey xx