LJ (31/08/90 / Melbourne, VIC)

Broken Vessel

Broken vessel, doubled over
Tears fall like ceaseless rain
The convulsions are violent
Yet utterly silent
A little voice cries from within

Windows to the soul, eyes of the beholder
Void of life and emotion
In the dark of the night
When all is quiet
The cries are barely whispers

Scarred flesh, eternal wounds
Blood that flows for years
The vessel will always bleed
Held by a deathly creed
The voice will never be heard

Broken vessel, prostrate and pained
Fear entirely paralyses
The voice is still screaming
The tears are streaming
The waters begin to rise

Hopeless cries fall on absent ears
The voice is becoming weak
Dark is taking over
For now and forever
The pit of despair is deepening

The tears have dried, the vessel is inert
All is hauntingly calm
The windows to the soul
Belong to a doll
Whose heart no longer beats

Broken vessel, doubled over
Blood now falls like rain
But deep inside
The voice resides
Never to see daylight again

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