Broken Wing

I cannot fly with a broken wing.
Put me in the green trash to see what it will bring.
Recycle my content giving it back to the earth.
What will become of my next birth?
Reincarnation spreads to my peripheral.
We always are forced to live with a sense of differential.
Mind explodes on aspects of the mental.
Knowing in my heart my feelings are more central.
How do I live free of petty judgments?
How do I move on from certain segments?
When is the line flat like a plain?
Where everything in my life is self sustained?
I want to live in this life with more happiness than pain,
But I see the poor and they are so colorful.
I look into their eyes and its color is more beautiful.
I know in this life perception is key.
But when in this life will I become who I’m supposed to be.
Its hard fighting battles when there is no victor.
As I walk down this path I’m suffocated by a constrictor.
My movements fall short of true north.
Because of this I can’t truly move forth.
I am the hero and I am the villain.
My innocence is gone and now there is only sin.
Let me jump into the ocean and form gills as I swim.
May the water cleanse me so my life can begin.
I’m stuck in the shadow of my former teenage self.
I keep walking on even though it is bad for my health.
I know there is hope and there is so much potential.
I sit idling waiting for my soul to show me my inner intellectual.

by Theorem The Truth Serum

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Will have afew go's at unravelling this Craig..a MEATY write. Sid.